This colorful Hawaiian Rooster is a “Phoenix.” That is its breed name, so called because of its vibrant colors and iridescent long tail. It is a cousin to the ornate Onagadori chicken. These beautiful domestic, but free-roaming birds are everywhere on the island of Kauai. When all other signs of life withered and died during the Covid shutdowns, the Phoenix birds had a new revival. They roamed far and wide, wandering unmolested through the lush tropical landscape in silent protest of the involuntary shuttering of humankind.

The name Phoenix is apropos. In Greek mythology, the Phoenix was a bird that burst into flames, only to arise from the ashes to new and eternal life. Of course, it is only a myth. Or is it?

Life rising from the ash heap of death to life beyond death. Immortality. It happened once.  Historians acknowledge that the Resurrection is the most well-documented event in ancient history. The fact that it took place is beyond serious debate among honest scholars. What it means to many is a wholly different matter. But “as for me and my house”, it is the reason we give thanks this Thursday, and the reason we have new hope every day.

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless,