About Christ Troupis

Christ Troupis, who spent years as a trial lawyer, meticulously navigating the complexities of the legal world, has embarked on a remarkable journey of transformation, trading legal briefs for the lens of a camera. His former life, filled with courtroom battles and intense litigation, has given way to the serene and untamed beauty of nature. Now, as a retired trial lawyer, Christ dedicates his time and talent to wildlife photography, capturing the awe-inspiring splendor of natural landscapes and the creatures that inhabit them. With each snapshot, he skillfully conveys his deep appreciation and understanding of the wild, channeling his precision and attention to detail into his newfound artistic pursuit. This shift from the court to the wilderness reflects a profound change in Christ’s life, showcasing his ability to masterfully capture the essence of the natural world and share its stories through his lens. Though Christ and his beautiful wife, Maureen, travel the world to capture creation through a camera lens, they love returning to gorgeous Idaho, which they call home.

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