This heron proudly returns with construction materials from his successful shopping trip.

Like other men, I have repeatedly ridiculed the idea of fighting Black Friday crowds in search of a bargain. But I had this craving for a Camel’s hair sport coat. and about 15 years ago, it was Macy’s Black Friday special. Regularly, $349. Sale price $69. Limited Quantities.

My attraction to sport coats wasn’t new. As a second grader at Holy Cross Elementary, my parents took me to Vlastnik’s Department Store in Peru, Illinois to buy my first sport coat. As a budding Beau Brummel, I knew exactly what I wanted, – a blue blazer with gold buttons and a “fleur-de-lis” crest. (emblem of the Three Musketeers) I got the blazer, plain buttons, no crest.

So, when the Macy’s offer appeared, I set aside my scruples about Black Friday.  At 11:45 pm, I stood with a crowd of women waiting for Macy’s midnight opening. Just then, a local TV crew arrived to film retail scrimmage footage for the morning news. As luck would have it, they zeroed in on the lone pigeon amidst the flock of doves.

I did my best to appear like the dutiful husband, just out to shop at his wife’s request, but they didn’t buy it.  Neither did my friends when next day, my hypocrisy was exposed to the world. But I did get the coat.

When the story came up this Thanksgiving (as it frequently does), Maureen reminded me that the sport coat still hangs in our closet. The sleeves were too long, but I never had them altered. I have worn it once. There is wisdom in the phrase, “Fools rush in…”  

Happy Hunting,